Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let's Play, "Who's Holding Me Now?"

This weekend was Oma's birthday party. Oma is Brian's Mom, and grandma to Nora.

It was a big birthday for her, and a special day to come down, celebrate with family, and do lots of baby holding.

Oma got to hold her the most, but she did share! Nora, in her infinite need to be held, didn't mind a bit!

So, who's holding her now? Some pictures...

Grandma, AKA Oma:

Grandpa, AKA Opa (who had the sniffles so he was being extra careful by wearing a mask):

Aunt Sarah:

Cousin Odette (who's very good with babies!):

Aunt Julia, AKA Jules I to my Jules II:

Cousin Geoff (who's the oldest cousin and married to Kelly this past summer!):

And last but not least, Cousin Kelly!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Every single picture... priceless! And it is so cool to get to know your family. I wish I had guts to post pics. Nora truly is a much loved little lady!!!


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