Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This outfit is so cute...I put it on her as soon as I got it from Nora's new "Auntie" Sarah, who lives in London.

Sarah and I met online years ago, and I've met her when Brian and I went to Europe last time. It was so kind of her to send some cute baby clothes from London, and this is the first time Nora's wearing something that isn't a sleeper. Actual pants that fit her!

I love this picture.

This is Nora's Aunt Stephanie. She's married to my little brother Jeremy, and is a gem of a person. You can't know Stephanie and not love her to pieces.

When Jeremy & Stephanie came to meet Nora this weekend, I put Nora into Stephanie's arms as much as possible. You see, I KNOW they want kids, but my kid needs a cousin closer in age than the nearest one who's seven.

Diabolical? You bet.

But at least I'm not at her house sabotaging her birth control.



Sarah, in London said...

*Blush* Deeply honoured (and yes, that has a "u" in it!) to be an Auntie - I'm so glad they fit and got there safely. They were marked "up to 7lb", so at the rate your little cutie is growing you'd better get a lot of use out of them now!! Hugs, Sarah

Audrey said...

She is not a month old already! Where did that time go! She's growing before your eyes!


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