Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Sweetie

It's amazing what "newborn" size means to different companies.

I didn't know if Nora would be even close to big enough to wear these by the time Halloween rolled around. Both of these, particularly the poodle costume, are HUGE!

But Sunday when she was in a particularly good mood AND wide awake, I decided to try them on.

She tolerated both wardrobe changes well, but seemed to prefer the chile pepper outfit, since she seemed to know it was an "edible" costume and she tried to stuff it in her mouth more than once.

Nora, by the way, reached TWO milestones this weekend.
Sunday was her due date -- when she was actually supposed to be born, and she seems to be weighing around 8 1/2 lbs (we'll get an official measurement tomorrow at the doctor's). And Monday she hit the 6 week mark!

She's spending a lot more time awake, not by adult standards, but instead of sleeping 22 hours a day, she's sleeping closer to 18.

So which costume should we wear to the doctor's tomorrow?

Vote early, vote often!


Anonymous said...

Although the costumer your friend gave you I think the chili pepper would be the best pick. One thing to consider when taking her is does the chili pepper have a seat belt hole?

tims_mom said...

I vote for the chili pepper as the going to the office visit, and then poodle on the way home. Now, however, if you are stopping for lunch on the way home, then reverse the order of the costumes.... Big help, aren't I?


Tammy said...

Definitely the chili pepper. You were right about the pink poodle, however, Nora is cute no matter what. She is such a sweetie and my heart just swells (do people talk like that anymore?) seeing how much fun you are having as a Momma. It's great ain't it?

Amelia's Mom said...

She is SO cute as the chili pepper, so that's my vote.

The poodle one just isn't her. It looks like the poodle ate her. But, like you, I'm not a big fan of pink & frills, so I think I'm biased.

Amelia votes for the chili pepper, too.

Teri said...


Anonymous said...

Definitely PINK!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so beautiful and I think the pink outfit is the very best there ever was.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a million chili peppers in my time and I can tell that your BEAUTIFUL daughter is unique. I think the poodle costume would garner her the best attention from the highly esteemed medical staff.

Anonymous said...

Have her wear one in and wear the other out of the doctor's office. I'm sure a wardrobe change will be required during the visit.

Jules said...

Jules smells a rat -- Methinks Teri (giver of the Pink Poodle Costume) has rallied the troops to try and sway the vote away from chile peppers and towards the poodle.

Republican dirty tricks, I say. It wouldn't be the first election they stole. HA.


Anonymous said...

There needs to remain a separation of Pink and State.


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