Friday, October 19, 2007

Dress Up Nora Day

I had a BLAST during my trip to BabiesRUs...Bad for the pocketbook, but good for Nora!

I bought a BOTTLE WARMER!! It's got a cooler in the back for the late night bottles, and a warmer in the front. No more stumbling downstairs in the middle of the night for water and a bottle. Don't tell me we're spoiled because you didn't have this when you had kids! I don't care if you had to boil water with fire you had to build yourself! I LOVE IT!

I also got a hat (see the Pooh hat couldn't resist something with "ears"). A mirror to put in the back seat so I can see her while I'm driving, and a mobile, and oh boy, wasn't cheap, but very productive.

When I got home we HAD to try on a few outfits for pictures to send to the aunts and uncles who bought her these cutie outfits, and she's just going to outgrow them so soon!

Here's one with her in the crib with her NEW MOBILE from BabiesRUs...I couldn't believe how much time she sat there watching it go by. It's the first time she's spent any time at all in her crib awake without screaming, and she fell asleep to it!

The picture above with the "Take A Hike" Baby Gap outfit is from my brother and his wife who want to buy her a leather jacket, but settled for camo pants.

How cute is that?

I think if I got her a black stocking cap she would have looked so chill, compared to the Pooh hat I got her.

But like I said, I couldn't resist the hat with ears.


MsGini said...

Yayyy! You found the answer to how to get her to enjoy her crib! Mobiles can certainly be a godsend, right?!

LOL, and playing dress-up can be SO much fun! You've only just begun....!!

Teri said...

Nora and I have matching "Take A Hike Shirts" 'cept mine is yellow. Let's go Nora!


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