Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Growing Like A Weed

We had our big trip (our first-ever alone in the car) to the pediatrician this morning for a weight check-in, and Nora is doing just what she should.

In just 9 days, Nora has gone from a little teeny girl at 5 lb. 7 oz. to 6 lb. 9 oz.!

She's even creeping onto the regular kid's graph, but they adjust her weight and height for her gestational age yet.

Last week she was in the 4 percentile for weight, and this week she's at 24. For height, she was in the 34 percentile, and this week she's above average at 19.5 inches and the 54 percentile.

Her head measurement is also growing well, and next week we'll probably take her preemie formula down a notch so it doesn't have as many calories. All good signs that she's making good use of the food we give her and is eating well and growing great!

Everyone in the family who's seen her since day one has really noticed how much bigger she is now!

Growa Nora!


Audrey said...

Grow baby grow! She's looking wonderfully!

Tammy said...

Ahhh.... she is doing so good Jules!!! I am so glad she is growing so well. It is amazing once they get that momentum... she'll just grow and grow from now on! She is gorgeous!

Sheri said...

this is the most awesoem picture yet! She is beautiful and growing so fast already.


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