Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bestema Time.

Nora spent a lot of time with Bestema today.

Bestema (Pronounced Best-Ma) is Grandma on my side of the family. Neither Grandmother of my daughter goes by "grandma". Both have nicknames of Grandma that come from other countries. My Mom's "Bestema" comes from Denmark, and "Oma" comes from Sweden as far as I know (I've never asked).

My Mom lives with my brother, who we are also staying with til the house sells in Denver. So we have a full house, and thankfully we all get along well and the house is big enough, that it is going remarkably well.

As much as I want my house to sell, there's one beautiful thing that has come out of having our baby here -- and that's LOTS of "Bestema Time" for Nora.

My Mom is a baby person...she was a great mother through all our ages and stages, but she really has a soft spot for that age when babies have a soft spot. That small, defenseless, cuddle-me-all-day stage that comes early and doesn't last long.

It just makes me smile to see each family member hold Nora and enjoy her, but that time with a grandparent can't be beat, because that grandma time is so very fleeting and precious. And after watching our pain of waiting for a baby to make it on this earth -- this time for my Mom is probably treasured about as much as it is for us as parents.

Nora is helping to heal more than one heart.


Sheri said...

What a great picture! I'm so glad you'r mom is having many hours to spend with Nora. I'm sure she treasures it. Love the quilt in the background. Did you make it? Card Tricks it's called isn't it?

MissHelen said...

What a darling picture!
BTW, my stepmom's parents are Oma and Opa to the grandkids, which is German. Guess with a name like Harshberger it would have to be. :)


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