Saturday, October 20, 2007

John, Paul, Ringo & George

I have several songs I've sung to Nora since she was born.

Among my favorites is The Beatles "I Will"

If you have it on your White Album, dig it up and play it today.

I just queued it up on my iPod and played it for Nora this morning while I sang it to her, and she just sat there looking at me absolutely rapt with attention.

Playing the entire Beatles collection I have, she just listened for a while, and now is asleep as "Yesterday" plays.

When she was in the NICU, Brian made a playlist of Chopin and other classical music that played over and over on her iHome player. Very low of course, since we were in an open NICU, but she got the first notes of classical music into her head when her head was just a blank slate of gray matter waiting to be written upon.

Near the end of our stay I'd had enough Chopin, Vivaldi and Beethoven that I had to choose something else.

But what would it be? You don't just throw on some Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam or The Rolling Stones the first time you go to introduce your child to rock music.

Of course, the classic rockers -- The Beatles -- would fill the bill.

She liked it ok, which is to say she didn't cry. But I hummed "I Will" to her every day and I knew she liked that.

So today when we played John Lennon's voice singing "I Will", I was thrilled to see her look so alert.

I'm thinking she gets it. The Beatles are just the best band in the world, ever.

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MissHelen said...

YAY!! The Beatles are the best band ever, and a fine introduction to rock music for Nora. :)


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