Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Things She Pretends To Be In A Day...

Oh my goodness. Miss Nora pretends to be everything from SUPER Grover with the full on costume, to a simple Jessie from Toy Story because, she says, "I have the hat, Mom!" Miss Nora has such an amazing imagination. One that makes her a princess most days, and so many other characters. So often on the way home, she'll tell me what we're going to pretend to be as we leave school and start to drive.
I think the most wonderful thing about this age is her ability to see joy and imagination in every little thing. And, she's begun to READ. I got a few books on my Kindle Fire for her, and tonight we laid in bed and read the story of Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, and she and I would alternate pages, and aside from big words like "ministers" or "attendance", she could read them all. Brian gets the credit for the reading, really...he's worked with her a lot to make it fun, and has done an amazing job. What fun this age is!

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