Saturday, July 21, 2007

Darin Pulver

It's odd how I always remember today is also my friend Darin Pulver's birthday.

Darin and I went to Conway School together, graduating from a class of 24 students in the 8th grade before being shipped into larger Mount Vernon for high school.

I had a crush on Darin for the better part of Middle School. Not just because he was cute and funny, but because out of all the cruel kids when I moved there in the 6th grade, Darin was nice to me.

He was the first boy I danced with at a school dance, and even in high school when he dated Missy Molstad and was class president, he never forgot his Conway School classmates and remained friendly with everyone.

My friend Darin was killed after a car accident our freshman year in college. He went to WSU, and was on the way home for Thanksgiving Break in a monstrous snowstorm that would paralyze the state.

He was the only one to survive the actual collision outside of Othello, Washington. He was flown to Sacred Heart in Spokane, where he died alone because his parents couldn't make it due to all the snow just to say goodbye.

Along with my classmates, I went to his funeral Thanksgiving weekend. I think of him now and then and wonder how his parents and family are doing. He was "the good one", and will be missed.

Rest in peace, Darin. We still miss you.

Time Warp

We've been living at my brother's house for 3 weeks's one of those things that feels like forever in some respects, and like a very short time in others.

After about two weeks here, there was that short panic attack that wondered out loud to my husband one night, "What the heck was I thinking?"

Not for any reason except that the hardest part in moving across the country and being pregnant at the same time is that the house isn't sold, so we can't just go buy another one. Unfortunately Mom was right when she said "I'm not made of money," because I'm not made of money either.

So we have to wait for the house to sell before we can move on with our lives here. Fortunately we're in a comfortable place with good relatives that so far can still stand the sight of us. I try to help out with groceries, housekeeping here and there, but otherwise I can't say I do much.

I look for jobs I'm fairly sure I won't get hired for, since I'm six months pregnant now and know that any interview I go on will be ended with "Thanks for coming in" and dead silence afterwards.

But I have enjoyed a lot of down time, mostly just hanging out with my nieces, taking care of some household stuff, and on weekends Brian and I hang out together.
Today after they get done moving the horses to a different pasture, we're going to go see the Rembrandt exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

On the baby front, I did see my new crazy OB/GYN. He's hilarious, and if it weren't for his front office staff who apparently see themselves as a barrier to health care instead of access to it, all would be perfect.

The doctor made some wisecrack about me having a 10-pound baby since I'm measuring on the big side. If he'd been wearing something with lapels, I would have grabbed them when I said "We're not going to let it get to that, right? RIGHT?"

Then while he listened to the heartbeat, he started saying "FEED ME. FEED ME. FEED ME." in a comical but freaky voice in time with the heartbeat.

Yeah, he's a hoot.

After the appointment, I got my thyroid checked because my neck is a little swollen (blood panel appears normal), and I'll have an ultrasound to check out the swelling on the 30th. I also did the glucose screening test, which basically shows that no matter how much sugar I eat, I'm not getting gestational diabetes. Thank God, because that small bag of M&Ms, Rolos and 3 Musketeers bars that I hide in my dresser wasn't about to be given away.

Girl Baby has been renamed "Kicky" by me. Mostly because she's higher than my belly button now and seems to think that kicking me hard enough to make me say weird things or laugh in public is a hourly achievement for her.

Yeah, she's a Kick, I say. Hence the name.

Here's my 6 month picture I took last week.

Today I'm officially at the end of my 6th month and starting seven.

Who knew?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Random Stuff From Oregon

Sorry not to have updated sooner.

I've been in Oregon for a week, and spent a good week with family, some unpacking, and some traveling.

This weekend Brian and I got to spend our first real weekend together, which was great. I've missed having time with him.

We drove up to the Seattle area on Thursday, and spent Friday afternoon bumming around the U-District, walking on my old campus at the University of Washington, prowling the bookstore, showing Brian the reading room at the graduate library and just looking around to see what had changed and what had stayed the same.

We ate at my favorite restaurant -- Thai Heaven (352 Roy Street on Lower Queen Anne, GO THERE, eat Paradise Chicken) -- and went down to the waterfront.

We stayed with my sister in Gig Harbor and had fun with them too...yummy pancakes, a couple of good nights' sleep, and some good relaxing times with my sis and nephews.

Brian and I headed back through Portland today, getting lost on the way in and out of downtown, despite my new Streetwise Map, which deserved to be thrown under the tires of my Subaru. I would have destroyed if it wouldn't have resulted in littering or me setting fire to it. It's hard to burn laminated maps I bet.

This week I plan on finding a day to drive out to the coast, even if it's just for an afternoon. I want my feet in the ocean!

Today I'm 24 weeks. My baby is officially "viable" today in that she would/could survive in the outside world from here on out. It's amazing to be this far into my pregnancy...It's even more amazing to think that she's kicking me like she is, and all but tap-tap-tapping on me to say "I'm here! I'm ok!"


Today it has been one year since my son Jacob was born silently into this world.

I don't think of this as his birthday in the sense that he would be "1" because he had no chance of survival, and was born still.

But I think of him and oh how I wish that things had been so very different for our little boy.

I love you my little guy. As life jumps inside my belly with the anticipation of my daughter, I'll never forget you.

Today is also the date of my 24th week of pregnancy -- and ironically, it's the week of viability, when my daughter -- if born anytime now -- can conceivably live outside me.

It's just strange to think that on the anniversary of the death of one child, another moves into the realm of the possibility of life outside me.

Lighting a candle for Jacob tonight.

I love you Jacob. Your Mom and Dad will never forget our short time together.


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