Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Letting Sleeping Babies Lie

I took Nora to two stores today, and you woulda thought I made the girl run a marathon.

She was fussing in the car on the way to store #2 (literally two blocks away) and then when I got her in the house, she fussed and fussed, but I kept her in her chair while I unloaded the car.

As I started putting things away, she seemed happy playing with her favorite blankie (thank you Melinda!) and trying to stuff the entire thing in her mouth.

Before too long, it got quiet.

I'm still waiting for that "Too Quiet" that Moms talk about, except that she's 5 months old, strapped into her carseat and I know she can't be causing any trouble, like feeding Play-Doh to the cats or throwing my keys down the toilet.


So here's what I found instead.

This is what we call "Letting sleeping babies lie."


This weekend Brian spent a LOT of time rewiring and replacing light fixtures throughout the house.

The family room chandelier kept hitting him in the head, and Brian, who's not prone to violence except while watching sports or bonking his head, muttered under his breath more than once that he wanted to "take a baseball bat to that thing."

Fortunately for everyone, including all the baby's things that sit under the light, he didn't...but he did replace it.

This picture is of our living room...it looks messy I suppose, but it's just proof that the room is taking shape at long last! The light fixture is new, the walls are painted, the carpet replaced, and our sofa & loveseat replaced.

This picture on the left is the cheesy awful, cheap brass fixture that came with the dining room...
And this picture on the right is its replacement. It's similar but not quite the same as the light in the living room.
This was Nora's "Ca-lassy" light in her room "before". I still can't believe how ugly this thing was, AND the odd thing is it's not in the center of the room! Not to mention the three different kinds of light bulbs -- all bare.

Yeah, that's why I call it "Ca-lassy" with lots of dripping sarcasm.
Brian put this light fixture in, which allows us to point the lights away from her crib, towards her closet and and towards but not right at -- her diaper changing area.

Plus! He put dimmer switches in all the rooms too, including the living, dining, family and Nora's room.
And for the purposes of entertaining you all, here's a couple obligatory pictures of our girl. I have an even cuter one of the baseball hat picture, but it's on my camera phone and somehow I managed to lose the SD mini card reader adaptor on my desk somewhere.

I still can't believe that she looks so BIG and so OLD when I put a hat on her or she looks at the camera in some new way.

And what did I do all weekend? I did get out and buy Nora's baptismal outfit. I also got her some white tights and shoes. Then when I got home, I immediately apologized to her that tights and nylons are a fact of life for women, although not nearly what it used to be! HA.

And I did get over to Mom's and clean her carpets for her, leaving her to spend lots of time with Daddy. They go through their ABC and 123 books that Oma and Opa gave her every day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow. Wow. And Wow.

I was on YouTube tonight, glancing over all the videos I've uploaded, and I didn't realize that in 18 months, the tribute video I made for Jacob has been seen 6,190 TIMES!

I've received dozens of responses I hadn't seen before. They were all beautiful, all sympathetic, some asking questions of how we are, and if we've had another baby since...so touching.

I had no idea that so many people had seen, much less taken the time to comment on the video. I am truly touched by the kindness of strangers.

As I watched the video tonight again, tears streamed down my face. Brian came over and watched the last half with me, and we were both in tears.

Then Nora made herself known. HEY!!! I'M HERE!!!

Yes you are, my dear. Yes you are.

Hi. I'll Be Adorable Today.

I'm having trouble imagining the day my daughter can talk to me.

I'm mostly having trouble with what I'm going to say to her when I have to say "no" for the first time.

I'm gonna fold like a lawn chair, aren't I?

Someone tell me that that cute face isn't going to hold the same power over me that it does now.

Lie to me if you have to.

New Nora Vid...

A Cleaner Slate

I met my neighbors across the street and was invited over for tea, and as Amber and I talked, I realized we have one thing in common: We both like to move.

One of the great benefits of a move is you get to review all the crap you own, and decide once again, what stays and what goes.

As I unpacked, I found a number of notebooks. Lots of journals started over the years. Some better than others. I still have the journals from 1981 when I met my Brian for the very first time (August 14, 1981, "Met Brian M. I think he's cute.") and the journal from 1983-1984 when I was an exchange student in Brazil.

Those I keep.

But as I went through, I found some journals from 1996, 1997 and 1998 that were so embarrassing I just cringed reading it. And that was ME! That was MY LIFE!

Yeah, those first couple of years post-divorce. The messy icky stuff you write when your heart is broken and your head isn't screwed on straight.

Well, it'd been a good 10 years. I reviewed many of those pages as they hit the shredder pile. It really isn't horrible in the grand scheme of things, but I just realized that I never want my daughter to read any of that stuff. There's plenty of other stuff (like this blog) for her to see what kind of person I am (or was, futuristically speaking).

And I feel like a burden has been lifted.

All for a $10.98 shredder that shreds 6 pages at a time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cute Picture Of The Day

You know, I laughed the other day when I was watching a roast of Jeff Foxworthy on the Comedy Channel, and he made a joke about his friend Bill Engvall, and whether he ever told a funny joke that he didn't record.

I wonder sometimes if you guys think something similar of me: Is there a picture of Nora she doesn't post to her blog?

The answer is yes. LOL

But here's the cutest one I've taken in a while. Well, since the nakey pics.

That turtleneck she's wearing I bought at Old Navy back when I was first pregnant with my first baby in 2002. I found it in an old box of baby stuff I'd long since forgotten, and I can't believe my girl can wear it now. The turtleneck actually makes Nora look like she she has a neck!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clink! To The Single Moms Out There...This One's For You:

Fourth post today.

Yes, I have the time. It's 9, Nora is down. I barely did anything today.

Let's review:

I hung my blinds with the new drill.

I hung my water barometer (also with the new drill)

I cleaned the bathroom (all of it -- sink, tub, toilet, floor).

I mopped the kitchen floor

I cooked 3 nearly square meals (Ok, more like triangles) for myself today

I cleaned the kitchen up

All the animals are fed, alive, and have had at least one petting today.

And somewhere in there, my daughter was fed, changed, and entertained.

And I did this all alone, and now she's down for the night.

With a glass of wine in my hand, I called my husband who's staying overnight in Southern Oregon and officially proclaimed that I have absolutely NO interest in being a single Mom. EVER.

I also let him know that I will not nag, snap, or otherwise harass him for one week.

So a "Clink" of wine glasses to you single Mothers out there.

I'm exhausted after three days of being alone -- going on to a fourth. I can only imagine how lonely a task it must be to do what I did -- plus possibly even working out of the house day in, day out, week in, week out.

Wow. I do not know how you do it.

Cheers to you.

Obama Made Me Laugh, Sadly.

While I'm on the topic of politics, I saw a tape of Barack Obama and the interviewer asked him what he thought of the criticism that people in the Black community didn't think he was "Black enough" because he hasn't lived enough of the Black American experience of being born to descendents of American slaves.

To paraphrase, he said "They haven't seen me try to get a cab in Chicago after dark."

Yeah, he has a way to sum it up.

Sad, but true, and sorta funny.

Woman's Work

Nora and I went and bought our first power tool together as mother and daughter yesterday.

We got a new 14.4 volt, Skil cordless power drill.

Brian took our corded drill that we bought a million years ago. Then he broke it. Then he replaced it.

But he never brought it back into the house -- instead it sits in his truck.

So yesterday Nora and I went to Lowe's and priced out the drill section. We entertained the old guy who knows the difference between amps and volts, and which drill is best.

In the end, when you're looking at spending less than $100 on a drill, it's all about 12 volts or better, and then choosing a color really.

We chose red.

When Brian called last night I told him what we bought, and he asked "What kind?" and I said

"A red one."

Yeah, I know. It's a girl response. But it was fun to just mess with him.

It used to be early in our marriage that if Brian was cooking, I'd lurk in the kitchen and turn things down because he was always cooking things on high and then wondering why things didn't turn out at the same time.

And I'd take a drill or saw out, and suddenly I had a 6'3" shadow standing over me telling ME (or suggesting, because Brian's just not that bossy) how things should be done.

But today, us girls drilled holes and installed a few things on our very own.

Nora was busy in her Einstein Gym, and I was hanging the new 2" wood blinds in the bathroom.

Zoom Zoom!

Brian's going to be very proud of us when he gets home.

But he better not steal my drill.

Why I'm A Liberal

I get a lot of trolls -- including one who every time I post something political says my liberal leanings are "nothing short of scary".

After that, I hit "Reject" and think: Now THAT is silly.

I am not only free to think what I want, I'm free to type it right here.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but it's bound to happen because I have strong views, and quite frankly, I don't care much for what the most vocal, most conservative of the Conservatives have to say. I simply do not agree with them. Likewise, I expect most (not all, but most) Republicans to shake their heads at me. For that reason (my friend Tammy) I invited them to move on.

Sorry, if that bothered you at all. But those on either end who are willing to consider all sides at this point are a distinct minority.

I should be able to say what I want to here because this is my blog. I just don't want a bunch of spam in my box because of it, and I've gotten plenty in the past.

And I'm editing this to add for the benefit of my friends who are Republicans, or have voted Republican in the past: This isn't pointed at you. If you were leaning that far to the right, chances are we aren't friends. And I know that there's a difference among those who vote Republican and say, James Dobson. So please don't take offense since none is intended.

Moving on:

In my opinion, politics can be a lot like Christianity: There are people in it who want to keep the Biblical/proverbial tax collectors, prostitutes and others who are "different" out. The way I was raised, Christian churches were built on the fundamental idea that it's about bringing people IN to the fold that matters. That's where you have the chance to make changes in people's lives beyond their salvation.

I see the divisiviness of our parties in a similar light as the way many Christian churches function in very different ways -- some are open to gays, minorities and those who need help finding their way -- some are closed.

I find a fundamental racism, sexism and homophobia among many policies and platforms of the Republican party (Immigration ideas like a FENCE at the Mexican border being just one)...I know there are Republican people who aren't, but there are more that are and just think they are not.

My issue with the GOP is that when the vast majority of the party doesn't believe in equality for women, gays and minorities in every arena, (for example: the ability to fully participate in the military), well I have a problem with that.

The question is, what are they trying to conserve?

Their exclusivity, their power and the money they make with it, that's what I say.

What I don't get is why poor people in this country keep buying the "family values" line that Republicans have always pushed. Republicans' hands are just as dirty, if not more so, when it comes to falling down in the Family Values department. The sheer hypocrisy is enough to turn my stomach.

Conversely, I see the Left (Democrats being included but not being exclusive) as being open enough to consider nominating a woman and a Black man with a Muslim name -- at the same time no less -- as embracing the best they have to offer. Meanwhile, all the Republicans can do is throw us another round of Conservative white guys who are literally having a match over who can prove they're more conservative.

What is a conservative anyway. If you're conservative, what are you thinking when you say you are?

What makes me sick about this next election is that they'll attack Obama by making sure to point out that his middle name is Hussein -- only to spark fear and racism in the hearts of those on the fence, not because it has any bearing on his qualifications.

And they'll attack Hillary for being a leader, or worse, by bringing up her husband's indescretions as if she had anything to do with it. They'll do what they can to make her break down and cry, and then point and say "You don't want a crying woman in the White House, do you?"

I don't get why people say they'll "Never vote for Hillary, EVER".

What's with the "EVER"?

What has she done that's so horrible?

She was First Lady to a President who did more for world peace and our financial prosperity. She was given the task of trying to come up with universal healthcare and that failed.

The Republicans will likely try to privatize insurance in the next few years. Will others not vote for them too if they fail?

When I say I'm a Liberal, what it means to me is that I have a "live and let live" attitude towards most if not all people. I believe in a sharp separation of Church and State. I don't believe for one minute that there is a "right way" to live in terms of ones sex, sexuality, race, or religion. I may not always succeed or be perfect at it, but I try to stamp out racism and any other negative "ism" where I see it. I don't think for one minute that the status quo will save our environment, or our very lives and the lives of everyone else on the planet.

I believe that America has squandered its opportunity to be a leader in the world, and lost its reputation for the sake of money, oil, power and greed. I am sickened by the fact that our allies abroad wonder what the heck we're smoking over here.

And I find myself wondering the same thing.

Just give me a Democrat, and I'll vote for him/her.

Comments on this blog entry, for obvious reasons, will be closed. If you want to e-mail me and discuss it and you have my address, you're welcome to it. -- Thanks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama vs. Hillary

If you're a Republican, just go ahead and just skip this whole blog entry. You'll find most of what I say either offensive or something. Move on.

If you're a Democrat and not paying attention to the election-to-come and like me still haven't had a chance to vote in your primary, you're probably wondering what exactly you're going to do.

OK, so I'm wondering.

I've had the issue of experience come up when speaking of Hillary vs. Obama.

I don't find a lot of people voting for Hillary Clinton because they think she's wonderful.

My brother from New York voted for her mostly because of experience -- so he said.

And that's when I started thinking: Who will I vote for and why?

Yes, this is a historic moment in time for America. Us Democrats have a special and very serious duo to consider that Republicans will never have: two qualified contenders for the White House who aren't White Men. At the same time, even!

First of all, let's get one thing out there: I'm a fan of Bill Clinton.

I don't care who he slept with, and who he lied about it to. I don't care. I am willing to concede that most in politics have probably been unfaithful to their marriages due to the Power Thing: If you're in power, you're attractive. If asked about it, you'd probably lie.

But I'm NOT a fan of Hillary.

It's not for staying with Bill. That's her business. I just don't find a few extra years in the Senate as being a viable reason for voting for her vs. Obama.

I realize that both would be fine Presidents. My question is simple: Who can beat McCain?

Hillary angers many and pisses off even more.

I just see her devisiveness as being a HUGE problem.

But if you've seen Obama open his mouth, you realize that he has that French word that sounds better than the English "I Don't Know What", and I realize that Bill Clinton had it in '92 when I first saw him.

But I sincerely doubt his wife does.

There was a time when I didn't think there was a Republican on God's Green Earth who could win this election. But nominating a moderate war hero like McCain would be the closest thing the Republicans could do to try and redeem themselves for the past eight years of absolute atrocities to our civil liberties, not to mention our reputation abroad.

No, we need someone who can offer the picture of hope if not the hope itself. That, my friends, is made of more than just a man.

But then secretly I hope for an Obama/Clinton ticket.

Now, we're talkin'.

Cute Picture Of The Day

Monday, February 18, 2008

In Search of Golden Man, Or: So Is This What Roots Feels Like?

My Dad graduated from a high school in Portland, grew up all over the Willamette Valley and went to the University of Oregon.

But my Gram lived down on High Street for EVER.

I took Nora out for a spin in her new bad-but-I-mean-GOOD jogger stroller that Judy gave me for Christmas (THANK YOU JUDY!!)

We went in Search of The Golden Man -- The gold-laminated pioneer dude at the top of the Oregon State Capitol building.

We walked down to Chemeketa street (I still hear my Grandmother's pronunciation which isn't quite how I hear it out of other people who probably know better).

We walked towards the capitol building, and walked and walked for what felt like FOREVER and a day through historic Salem.

We finally did see Golden Man, and I flashed back to being a little kid in the back seat of Grandma's big ol' Pontiac with no seatbelts required, trying to catch a glimpse of Golden Man, and thinking how INCREDIBLY RICH we must be to be able to afford a golden man of such size on top of a building!

Truly, civic pride at its finest in a 6-year-old's heart.

We saw many old houses including one built in 1872 -- on the National Register of Historic Places (complete with external plumbing), and then it hit me.

"Is this what having roots feels like?"

My life has been this side of nomadic, as I was born in Brazil, grew up in three different schools, went to Brazil as an exchange student, and lived in Seattle, Central Washington, Denver and now back to Oregon as an adult.

It's weird to drive around town and realize that that was where Meier & Frank used to be, and that if I just drive down High Street far enough, I'll run into Gram's old house, and it's just not that far from where I live now.

I happened upon her old church the other day as well, and am tempted to go there except that some of her quirky younger friends live on, and I'm not sure I really want to "go there".

But it is amazing to land in this town, and aside from the rain which I can't seem to adjust to -- I feel oddly at home here -- and I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.

I've never really been home before.

Aunt Jenny's Gift

Tonight I did something I never thought I'd get to nearly a year ago.

When I was first pregnant with Nora, Brian and I were on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, and stopped in Albuquerque with my friend Jenny and her then, brand-new fiance' Jim.

She gave me a few gifts, including this picture frame.

Along with the frame, I remember her note in the card saying that soon it would be filled with happy pictures.

"Yeah, right," I remember thinking.

Oh how pessimistic I was about my pregnancy.

And rightly so -- and I can't think of one person who would argue the point with me.

It's sweet to be able to fill these picture frames with shots of our girl. I picked out pictures of her first hours and days with us -- from Brian and my first moments with her, to the one on the left where she was first home.

Oh how skinny she was!

Now she's more than tripled her weight, and true to her Mommy's genes is a force to be reckoned with when she is tired, hungry, or just plain mad at the world.

And just like her Daddy, she's cheerful in the morning and as forgiving as they come for any neglect or transgression done to her (not that there's much).

Anyway, Thanks Aunt Jenny. Your gift is in full use and I can't thank you enough for having the faith to buy something for my baby long before I was.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's Hard to Catch Her

All too often, my kid stares at cameras like that horrible Brady Bunch episode where Cindy goes into a trance when she sees the TV cameras.

So finally, today, for no particular reason, I finally get the smile and the look that I get every day, but that disappears all the time when the cameras come out.

Here it is.

Isn't she the most darling thing?

Look Who's 5 Months Old Today!


You're five months old today.

I can't believe what a big girl you are.

Just in the past month you've gone from sampling oatmeal to eating carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and bananas.

You think it's VERY funny when I open my mouth to try and get you to open yours.

And I love that look you give me when you try something new: It's the M's Family Skeptical Look that you've had since the day you were born, that dissolves into the P's Family Goofy Grin that only came from one person: your Bestfah.

You're rolling over.

You're talking: Sure, right now it's babbling, but there's more range, more depth, more noise, and more confidence in each sound you make. An yes, more volume!

This month we moved from your first home at Jeff and Judy's farm out to your own house.

The first night in your own room you slept 12 hours, and aside from one night with a short wake-up at 3 a.m., you've slept all night every night.

I'm sure you don't know it yet, but that is a parent's dream: to have their little one sleep through the night.

We have our little schedule getting established. We get up in the morning, change, and eat breakfast. Then it's time to talk a bit, and then you spend a little time in the Rainforest chair that you love so much. You often fall asleep in it because you get so comfy. It's going to be a sad day when you're too big for that, and at the rate you're growing, it's going to be soon.

You hang on to us and grab for things in ways you didn't before. You love grasping at Daddy's goatee and studying his face with great intensity.

Everything about you this month has gone towards more attentiveness, more "being there" than ever before.

It is such a pleasure to watch you grow!
This month we got you a new toy -- an Exersaucer. The original Neglect-O-Matic for most parents, this new toy keeps you busy and makes you look like such a big girl. You love it because you get to stand up, and you've recently figured out that rattles are fun instead of scary.

It's funny how when I look at your earliest pictures that I wondered then how I could possibly love anybody more than I loved you at the moment I held you for the first time.

But as I watch you with your Daddy, or see that first smile in the morning, and the excitement in your eyes and that turn of the head because you hear my voice and know it first and foremost in your little mind, it amazes me that 5 months later I could possibly love you more than I did the day I met you.

We love you sweet girl,


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Three Posts In One Day!

It's just a bonanza today...Nora's sleeping in her chair again and I need to build bookshelves before I can unpack anymore.

Well, that's not entirely true, but it's close.

Here's a little video of Nora from today.

Thanks Mariea...Hearts Day

You know, sometimes it's good to take a second on Valentine's Day and remember that it's not all about THAT kind of Love.

Love is...

I remember as a kid my Grandma P. sending out this "Love Is..." cartoon. Gram was the kinda lady who liked to clip stuff out of newspapers and magazines and send them to you. Often it was corny or useless information, and sometimes it was a "Love Is..." cartoon, which was both. Well, sort of.

There are many kinds of love out there. We don't all get to share it with The One...and for some people there isn't a One but a Few to love in life.

I think saying that there's only "One" person on the planet is a bit self-limiting, particularly if that One isn't there for you, or just doesn't think you're The One either...or if that One and Only dies early or marries someone else.

The fact is, there's the love of a mother, sister, daughter, friend, as well as a husband, father, brother or son. There's the love of God, country, family and pets.

I'm lucky to have my love of my life be my husband, but it wasn't always that way for me, and I remember dreading Valentine's Day when I was single.

I remember thinking at some time that I had other kinds of love in my life beyond the romantic kind, so I counted my blessings for those people and things.

And thanks to Mariea, I got a cute little quote today about Love,

"Love is like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes it makes you wanna puke."

Our Little Valentine's Day Gift

One of my friends said the other day "Just think how far you've come in the past year", and suddenly I realized: I found out we were pregnant with Nora on Valentine's Day last year.

Little did we know what a crazy year 2007 would be for us.

That morning last year I took a pregnancy test -- before I had even missed anything -- if you know what I mean. I just sort of "knew" the way we women know sometimes.

Sure enough, there were two lines on the test, and they got darker and darker (because those of us who have been pregnant before know that you can watch the lines darken as the days pass and your HCG rises).

I took the test on Valentines Day morning and had to wait until Brian and I went to dinner to tell him. Pregnancy is not the sort of thing you just tell them on the phone, of course.

So, I called Brian up at work and asked if he'd like to go to dinner at Carls -- an Italian eatery on 38th Avenue in Northwest Denver. He said "sure", and the long day finally passed, and we met up for dinner.

We pulled up to the back of the restaurant and parked. I remember a monumental amount of snow piled up as we'd had several blizzards in a row. I remember grabbing his arm as he went to open the car door, and said "Wait, there's something I need to tell you."

There's no cutesie way to tell your husband that you're pregnant when you've been pregnant four times before, and it's gone wrong every time. You just get it out there.

"I took a pregnancy test this morning. It was positive."


Brian, who's something of a saint for just being married to me, was quiet for a moment then just said "We'll get through this. I'm here for you hon."

Then we were both quiet for a while, and he chuckled and said "It's mine this time, right?"

I punched him in the arm. "Yeah, this time it is."


"I'm just trying to lighten things up a bit," he said.

Yeah, we didn't think we'd get to be parents. Pregnancy for many in this world does not equal a baby.

Later that spring, when I was almost exactly 3 months pregnant, I got laid off from my job.

Then Brian's company folded.

Then we were offered (well Brian was, I urged him to take it) a job in Oregon.

The move.

The hospitalization at 29 weeks.

The five weeks of waiting.


The house sold.

The house bought.

And here we are, February 14, 2008 in a completely different place, living a completely different life than we were one year ago today.

It's a miracle of sorts in some respects. I know moving across half the country was hard for both of us -- particularly Brian since he loved Denver and considered it "Home" with a capital "H".

But what I hope for is that the next year will be a bit of a yawner, only punctuated by the excitement of raising our baby girl.

Thank you to all who have supported us through so much. This isn't the Academy Awards so I won't list it all rapid fire, but you family and friends know who you are.

We love you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She Looks Like I Feel

Here's one of my favorite pictures of Nora from the other day when she fell asleep hanging onto one of her toys in her play gym...Boy. She looks like Brian and I both feel. TIRED!

The good news is, we're ONLINE again!

The Qwest guy was here nearly 2 hours...like most things in my 1945-built home, everything is hinky...so he worked pretty hard to get 2 lines in the house working so we could answer the phone and have a line for the router for the INTERNET...

OMG...you'd think I was gone for WEEKS the way I feel. LOL I'm so hooked to getting online it's NOT FUNNY!! OK, it is funny...but I realized how often I look up where things are or phone numbers or other information online...and being new in town and needing to know where a used furniture place is or an Office Depot or whatever...what a PAIN it is to have to call 411, then call the store and ask, and still not know if you've reached the closest one because the operators don't really care that much, and online you can search on a map.

Isn't the Internet wonderful?

Anyway, the carpet is in, some more boxes have been unpacked. The computer's on a card table because our desk was left in Denver (DH hated it and I couldn't get it into the truck it was SO FULL) so we bought a new one, but unfortunately assembly is required, and I'm not doing that alone.

I actually just let out a sigh of relief.

I feel like I have access to the outside world again, without having to leave my house!

Saturday comes Dish Network people. We'll be in high cotton then!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just checking in real quick...

The carpet layers are at our house, and I came to the farm to get online. I have a few pictures I'll try to upload of Nora.

As you can imagine, it has been WONDERFUL being HOME. Sunday morning (after Nora slept ALL NIGHT -- 12 HOURS!) I got up and made coffee, got the paper for DH and cooked breakfast...we worked all day to unpack a bit and got Nora's room pretty much done except a few decorative things.

We get Internet tomorrow, and TV satellite hookup on Saturday.

We lost a LOT of stuff due to mold/mildew in storage...most of it was stuff I was glad to lose, actually...like the crappy dining set and the futon mattress. A couple of bookcases that were cheap and needed replacing anyway. Moving day was tough but once we realized we were ok with MOST things (we steam cleaned the couch/loveseat and they are fine) it really was a relief to just get into our house.

DH and I watched a movie in our room last night and he just keeps talking about how wonderful it is that we have our girl, and how neat it is to go to HER room and find her there.

She has slept ALL Night three nights in a row now. Amazing.

Gotta run.

Monday, February 04, 2008

A Mish Mash of Long Overdue Pictures!

Brian had today off so we decided to make good use of our time and we took a few loads of boxes over to the house.

Since my Mom left for California and on to Hawaii with my aunt, we don't have a built-in babysitter, so Nora came with us...She spent a lot of time in the center of the action in the kitchen today...enjoying watching her Mommy wash all the dishes and decide where to put them!

After a while though, that got sorta boring, so she decided it was time to take a nap. A blanket in a nearly empty family room was in order...
She fell asleep almost immediately after I put her down in there!

Here's the blue room -- you would be so proud of me/us...I bought the moulding around the background doorway and cut it and installed it, and painted it myself! The moulding around the door in the foreground was what I was trying to copy...

Miriam has babysat her cousin Nora a lot while I've done a lot of painting at the house. She likes to help Nora pretend she's "Jumbo Baby!" which makes Nora look quite big, and she gets quite a kick out of it.

Miriam's been babysiting so much, Nora recognizes her and smiles so much around her. I told Miriam the other night how much it means to me to have such a great babysitter. I never thought I'd feel comfortable leaving my baby with anyone for long, but Miriam does such a good job for us!

This one is of the babe hanging out after we got back from the house...She just LOVES her swing!


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