Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember our war dead.

This is not a day to argue the justice or injustice of these wars, only to remember those who died.

Please take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers, wherever and whenever they died during our nation's history.

Then pray for peace so no more have to die.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

From the "Just Do It" Files...

I have a penchant for procrastination, just like the next guy, I suppose.

I've had a friend's quilt in the works for several months now, but I put it away into my project closet to make another friend's baby quilt (those babies have definite deadlines), and now I'm pregnant, and I have a deadline to meet myself...

This quilt is unique because it's not really going to be a quilt. It's a quilt top, but Teri asked me to make it a duvet cover. This changed the plan a bit, in that the basic construction changed, but the real danger wasn't in execution -- it was in overthinking the plan to begin with.

For several weeks, I sat on this thing, wondering how to close it, how to add another layer of backing without making it too heavy...believe me, I thought it ALL out.

Finally, I realized I had a plan, I just needed to sit down and do it...So today, I told myself I couldn't leave the house until some significant progress was made -- namely that the top was fully constructed.

Well, I'm just about there. The top is together, with a light backing sewn on, and all it needs is a border and the final backing (the part that makes the sack for her comforter to go in).

Sometimes it's just a matter of buckling down and making that final push to the end. Sometimes it's just a matter of waking up that inner voice so that I get off my butt and accomplish what's been sitting here waiting to be done.

So, what's in your closet waiting for you?

Now Even The Neighbors Know

I've been getting up early in the morning a few days a week to walk Lucy at the lake. I decided that if I'm going to be running the equivalent of a marathon in 5 months, I'd better get myself into some decent physicial condition.

It's been so hot lately, I can't go out after work in the evenings, since it's still 80 degrees, and I'm usually just tired and hungry by the time I get home from work anyway.

So, I promised myself to get up early and walk before I get ready for work. The first morning I did this I was quite certain it was going to be horrendous (and anyone who's seen me without coffee early in the morning is probably still carrying the emotional if not physical scars), but to my surprise, I find I like it.

Yesterday I got up and did it again, and on the way back home I ran into our neighbor, who lives a few doors down. I said good morning and she stopped what she was doing and walked out to see me. "What's new?" she asked.

Well, we have some news, I said. "I'm pregnant."

This neighbor knows we've struggled some. Not much, mind you, since she tends to tell the neighborhood everything you tell her, so I don't tell much.

She said her husband saw me walking home from the bus the other night and wondered out loud if I might be pregnant. She congratulated me, and asked if our next door neighbors knew.

Nope, you're the first, I said. But you can tell them if you like since I don't get to chat with them much.

By the late afternoon when Brian and I went out to the car, our neighbor John from across the street said "CONGRATULATIONS!" I looked at Brian and my first thought was "Wow! Terri really went for it." But, it turns out that Brian had just told John too.

So, it's out in the 'hood. Now they can see me walking and not think "Wow, that woman's really packed on some weight lately...good thing she's out walking again."

Friday, May 26, 2006

16-Week Check-Up!

My uterus is even bigger than I thought I could feel. It's like 16-17 cm (right at my belly button) and Dr. said "That's right on!"

We listened to the heartbeat and I warned him "He's squirmy". Sure enough Bruiser was dancing all over the place, and the dr. said "Man, you're right!" When we caught up with him, he was right at 155 bpm, and I confirmed my suspicions that all those squelching noises are movements.

We talked a short while about the AFP test (quad screen/aka alpha feto protein), and I decided NOT to do it. Dr. said since I said I would NOT under any circumstances do an amnio, he thought that was a good decision given my age and the excellent chances of false positive results for me, which would only serve to freak me out from now til November.

Sooo, I have my Big ultrasound on June 22, and just gotta keep feeding the little spawn until then.

I've been feeling more movement, particularly when I'm sitting down quietly. It just comes in little flurries, then goes again. Overall, a good appointment.

Brian DH said as we were leaving "aside from getting a blood pressure cuff, I think we could have done all that at home."


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Belly Shot & Maternity Clothes

Man, that was fast.

In just a week I went from being able to button my "fat jeans" to not being able to wear them at all.

This weekend, I worked on hemming my new maternity slacks -- a black & tan pair, and pulling out my skinny clothes and boxing them up for now. I started washing and hanging up the new maternity clothes, including a few nice shirts my friend Kelly sent me from Connecticut. I bought a few pieces too, and my friend Delois loaned me a few others.

Here's our 15 week shot!

Friday, May 19, 2006

I Think Bruiser's Knocking!

The past few days I've noticed what I thought were little flutters, little gas bubbles or something in my tummy...that I thought were the baby moving, but it's so hard to tell...

Now, today, I was sitting at work at the quiet end of the day, and RIGHT in the spot where I know Bruiser sits and where I find his heart beat, I felt two fleeting flutters, right in a row.

Now, tonight as I was laying on the couch I felt it again, and this time (since I was not at work and free to shove my hands down my pants, LOL) I put my hand over my belly and sure enough the softest little "knock knock" sort of feeling under my hands. I asked Brian to hurry over and feel it, and he said he felt it too!

I'm 15 weeks tomorrow, and God knows, I've spent the better part of this week with my hands on my belly trying to feel something.

COULD IT BE?!? I think so!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Kids Next Door

I have the coolest little neighbor kids next door.

Nina is 6 now, and she's getting all tall and gangly. The day I started tearing up old sod to plant roses last year, she was over to help, and loved helping me bust up dirt clods and get the rocks out. When a neighbor came by to look at our work, I introduced her as "my friend Nina", and she positively beamed. Later, I heard her talking with one of her little friends, and she said "That's my neighbor Julie. She's my friend."

The other day Brian and I were walking home with the dog and she ran out of her yard to greet us and yelled "HUG!" and gave us both a quick hug before running back to her friends.

Her brother, Tanner is 4. Tanner hugs us when Nina does, but not of his own accord. This past year he went in one fall day as a toddler, and emerged the next spring a little boy.

Earlier this week, I was walking home from the bus after work, when I saw Tanner sitting on the sidewalk several doors up from his house. I asked if he was ok, since he was sitting rather oddly, and he shook his head "no."

By the time I got close enough, I noticed he had fallen and scraped his knee really badly and was bleeding. So, I asked him if I could help him get home, and he didn't say a word, just lifted his arms for me to pick him up.

I picked him up and told him everything would be ok, and that as soon as he got home, his Mommy would make it all better with a Band-Aid and a kiss or two. He snuggled in while I walked him home, and when we got there, I explained the situation to his Mom, and she thanked me for stopping.

I couldn't have done anything else. She probably doesn't know how much I appreciate her little ones. They play in my yard, help me plant flowers, and are part of the sunshine in my day. Of course I would stop to help!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Do We Have Movement?

Brian told me this morning that he was sure he felt the baby move last night.

Since it was cold and I was clinging to him for dear life, he could feel my belly up against his back, and he said he felt movement in my tummy several times, and from "all over" -- not like a pulse or something that would be constant and in one place.

Today I tried hard to find Bruiser. I put my hand firmly on my tummy where I know he/she is -- and a few times I thought I felt something. It's so hard to tell since I have no experience with this!

With the Doppler, I hear Bruiser's heartbeat, and of course my own, but lately I've heard another squelching noise -- it's brief and sounds like something moving past the Doppler wand very quickly. I've only heard in the past few days, and am starting to wonder if it's a limb passing in front of the Doppler.

It's really strange to think how big the kid is now, and how much space he/she is taking up in there.

OH -- and big news from our friends Doug & Susan...A couple of years ago they suffered a tragic loss of a baby at 36 weeks (Susan had undiagnosed thrombosis, so she almost died as well), and then another miscarriage last year. When Doug called to invite us today to their barbecue, I told him of our surprise, and lo and behold, Susan's pregnant too. We're both doing Heparin, and we're both due very close together.

She's due just 2 DAYS after me! There are few people in this world that you meet and know you want to be good friends with them because they're so fabulous, and Susan is one of those people. I'm so excited for both her and Doug.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Waiting For A Miracle -- Ain't That The Truth?

My sister Jill sent me this lovely gift for Mother's Day.

It's a Willow Tree figurine of a expectant mother. It's called "Cherish. Awaiting a Miracle."

I just think it's lovely.

I called her tonight and we talked a while. I asked her about the AFP test (a pre-natal blood test that is somewhat controversial) and we talked about that, and some other stuff. It's amazing how reassuring it is to talk to her. Just hearing someone tell me it's normal to worry all the way through just makes me worry less.

Yeah, she's irreplaceable. Well, she is now, anyway. When we were younger I would have sold her to the circus for a buck, or easily traded her for yet another brother.

But lucky us, that didn't happen, and I have a sister and a friend.

Thanks, Jill Bean.

My Two-Minute Blog

I don't have much time today. I have to leave for my bus in 3 minutes, so that gives me about 2 to type this thing out.

All I can say is Thank God It's Friday. After a long week (I still get pretty tired, so I sleep a lot, so I don't accomplish much), I am looking forward to a couple of days off where I can stay home, walk the dog, and just relax a bit. It's also supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend.

Of course, our new furniture (we bought a new couch & loveseat, FINALLY) is being delivered, so that means work getting things moved around, like getting the futon in the back bedroom and getting rid of my Trading Spaces Couch From Hell.

Fortunately though, I can't move anything heavy. Brian will have to do the work, and we'll need to get a friend over to help him tonight or tomorrow.

OK, time's up.

Here's to Friday's, new furniture, and sunny days.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Yes, I mean them, and yes, this means you.

"Humanitarianism needs no apology. Unless we feel it toward all men without exception, we shall have lost the chief redeeming force in human history." -- Ralph Barton Perry, American author & educator (1876-1957).

This quote means so much to me. To me, it is the defining reason why we cannot be selective in our caring for our human brothers and sisters, regardless of race, religion, or any other thing that differentiates us.

'nuff said.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

"You Sure Look Pregnant!"

I'm in my 14th week -- started my 4th month this past week!

My Mom is visiting from the Portland, Oregon area. She flew here on Thursday afternoon after a visit with a cousin in Oklahoma.

It's been so neat to have her here during this happy time. Saturday we went shopping at Target for a pair of maternity jeans, since my very last pair of "fat pants" jeans are no longer able to be buttoned. We also found a couple of maternity shirts -- neither of which are pictured here.

But, this picture is showing my belly. It's growing enough that today as I reached up to put a DVD in the player, Mom said "You sure look pregnant!"

That's just music to a mother's ears. Both sets of our ears, I suspect.


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