Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You're Not Alone.

There are still rough days, as there will always be for months and possibly years to come.

As of tomorrow, it will be two months since the birth and loss of our son Jacob.

As my friend Teri said when she called me "You're doing normal." Normal is good in that as she said, if I wasn't having down times and up times too, she'd be worried about me.

I have a project that waits for me.

It's a box of everything from Jacob's birth and loss. It's all the cards friends and family sent me, the medical diagnosis, the trinkets, the photos and other mementos.

They all need to find their way to where they need to be. I bought a scrapbook, and it needs to go in. I need to print the pictures and a copy of his full birth story and put those in too.

It's actually beginning to nag at me that I haven't done it.

But this weekend is my 9/11 project. I'll post it here as well as on my regular public blog for the 2,996 project I signed up for.

As many of you know, I've chosen to blog about Fred Cox, Kristen's friend. Just researching him and his life, and receiving the very personal e-mails from his friends has helped a great deal to put my grief aside for a while and focus on someone else.

As much as it is difficult, it's also healing to be reminded that other people lose loved ones every day. It's been five years, and they've gone on. I can only thank them too for their contribution to my healing.

Thanks for all your love and support.


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Katherine said...

Thinking of you Jules. (((HUGS))).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for honoring our dear Freddy! He was everything you said and more. It was a true blessing to know him!!


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