Monday, August 11, 2008

Ten Random Monday Thoughts...

1) I can't believe I told my friend I'd leave my baby and drive to Tennessee with her.

2) I can't believe I'm going back to school. AGAIN.

3) I can't believe I've already filled out my FAFSA (Financial Aid form for student aid)

4) I am a total whiner on days like today, but at least I rebound quickly.

5) Nora has been such an angel today. I wonder how I got to have such a GOOD HAPPY BABY! Look at this picture!

6) I wonder if I'll be a good nurse, or one of those mean nurses that wants to kick patients' asses when they don't take care of themselves.

7) I don't need to see 100 years ahead, but I wish I could see into the future just enough to know if decisions I'm making now will work out.

8) I really need to dust.

9) I hate dusting.

10) I'll dust when hell freezes over.

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