Monday, August 04, 2008

Nora's Taste Buddies

Thank you very much, Daddy. For the Key Lime pie.

Nora's taste buds got to become what I jokingly refer to as her "Taste Buddies" now that they have discovered sugar a few times.

I made Brian's favorite fake Key Lime pie (more like a lethal combination of frozen Lime-aid, a vat of Cool Whip and a can of sweetened condensed milk all mixed and put into a graham cracker crust).

Well, anytime Nora sees us with a utensil and a plate, it's time to share, she thinks.

So share we do...

When she gets ahold of desserts, you'd think we'd given her the Holy Grail of foods, and really, we have, haven't we?

This was last night's dinner too: green beans, rice, cheese, and some goldfish after dessert (an arrowroot cookie) because she was having so much fun sitting in her chair and playing with her food.

Note where her plate is in the photo. She wedged it there ALL on her own!

Naturally, bath time immediately follows dinner these days!

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