Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun at OMSI

It was a perfect afternoon.

Nora, Brian and I drove up to Portland to OMSI a super-cool kid's science and industry museum, with lots of room for even the littlest of kids to play!

We met Renata, who was visiting from San Francisco, and her little girl Talia. Her husband Jeff stopped by too on his way to a music festival.

Nora enjoyed the little "house" area where the kids played and this little red-headed girl seemed to shadow Nora a lot!

xWe had so much fun here. And Nora played with Daddy MOST of the time while Mommy and Reny talked.

Nora and Daddy played in the water area for a LONG time. The "apron" was really just for show though...

Because eventually Daddy just let Nora play IN the water. She was the only one with a Daddy who let her do that!

And of course, the only thing to do after she was all wet was to play in the SAND so lots of it could stick to her!

What fun that was!

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