Friday, August 15, 2008

Doesn't The Orange Make My Eyes Look Bluer, Mommy?

We've been working on Nora having more "regular" meals, including sandwich stuff, cheese, and noodles. The stuff that's easy to chew when you only have two bottom teeth.

And while it's easy to give Nora food, how much of it actually lands in her mouth when left to her own devices is a WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY.

Tonight, for no particular reason except the curiousity that would make me a fine researcher or engineer, I decided to lay down the vinyl tablecloth under the high chair, and just give her the messiest of all messy foods: Spaghetti.

The hands went straight in. Then to her mouth (which I thought would be good), then all over the tray, and well.

You see the result.

Some of it DID make it in her mouth because I opened a second serving and FED her that.

Then I gave her some more, and she got to wear some more of that.

And once she had her fruit and cookie for dessert, this is what we had.

Cleanup, suffice to say, has not ended. And it's been horrendous.

But boy, was that fun, or what?

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