Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Phone Pix

It's been a while since The Kitten Hopper found a new place to hang...a few times now I've found this bin on the bookshelf out instead of tucked in, and this morning I finally found out why!

The Hopper has found a new place to sleep.

And believe it or not, Brian weighed him and he's about 19 lbs. now. He's SKINNY!

Anytime now, we'll have to stop calling him The Kitten Whopper instead of his real name, The Kitten Hopper.
Walky walky cruiser girl. Is constantly finding new ways to get around the house without actually walking more than a couple of steps alone.

I fixed a few of the dining chairs with new covers, which means we now have five chairs, and some of them I put around the house. Including an extra in the family room, and before we knew it, she'd found something else to cruise to/from.
This was our trip to Target to buy Nora some very early dishes (too soon, she just dumps it and wears her food!) and the very wise advice I got to throw a vinyl table cloth under her high chair to protect the carpet.

And I can't remember posting this picture, but it's typical of her lately. Rushing the phone and giving me a grin I can't help but want to share.

Our happy baby has also started saying a couple of words. She's figured out "Kitty" when Jack comes around. She looks for him if I say "Kitty" first, and then actually says "Keeee" when she sees him.

Now we're working on "Baby" because she has a couple of favorite books with baby faces, and she says "Babe" or something like it.

The talking has begun!

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