Saturday, August 16, 2008

Play Date With Bachelor #4

I just LOVE these pictures my friend Patti took of Nora this week!

Nora had a play date with Sully's older brother Keaton the other day.

It was not only her first date with an "older boy" (Keats is 4), but it was also her very first trip to a sandbox.

It didn't take long for her to chase the man down.

A couple of times, you could hear Keaton saying "don't do that!" and we had to explain that she not only didn't understand him, she wasn't even ONE yet.

To which the very bright 4-year-old said,

"You mean she's ZERO?"

Yes. But not for long!

I can't get over all these fabulous pictures of Nora that my friend Patti took, so I'm showing more of them than probably is necessary...

As my Kodak camera starts blowing pixels, I realize I need to get a new camera soon, and think "Hmm, what kind is YOURS?!"

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