Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OOOh. Are Those Dreads? Let Me Touch 'Em!

Hannah was over today, she's my oldest niece, and she babysat Nora for a couple of hours while I ran errands.

Then we hung out a lot this afternoon, and later Jeff and Andrew came over so they could take Judy out for her birthday dinner, with dessert at our house.

Jeff (my brother) and Andrew (Hannah's boyfriend) stopped by before picking up Judy, and I asked them in to see Nora since by the time they got done with dinner, Nora would be down for the night.

Well, Nora got to show off her new "skills" by walking a few steps between Jeff, Andrew and me.

But she kept heading over towards Andrew with his dreadlocks.

And her little look on her face that said "OOOh. Are those dreads? Let me touch 'em!

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