Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a Surprise! Uncle Sam STILL Doesn't Want Me!

So this morning, despite needing to clean bathrooms and vacuum, I decided to skip all that and run to the zoo with Nora.

I have never gotten out of the house so fast, but we decided at 8:30 to go, and we were at the zoo (WITH picnic lunch and sunscreen) at 9:35. It was a miracle.

Nora and I had a great time, and she was so tired she fell asleep before we got to Woodburn on the way home.

But in the parking lot, I got a call from an Army National Guard recruiter, asking me if I was a student at the school I attend.

I said "Yes, sir." (I love saying "Yes sir" to the military types, just for no reason other than proving I can be polite to somebody...)

He asked me if I was interested in a career in the National Guard, and I said "Not really sir. I'm a 42-year-old Mom. I'm pretty sure you don't want me."

"But do YOU want to be in the National Guard?" he asked.

"I really really mean it when I say you don't want me in your Army Guard," I said. "I was told by a career counselor that I questioned authority too much 25 years ago, I can only imagine what they'd say now. I'm far to mouthy for you now, I assure you."

He laughed.

"Have a nice day," he said.

"I appreciate your service to the country, sir," I said back.

Nope, they still don't want me.

And I'm pretty sure they have a better chance at winning pretty much any war without me in the military.

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