Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy's Adventure

We live not far from Minto Brown Park, a park on the Willamette River near the state capitol of Oregon...

The nice thing about this park is its sheer acreage. You go there and there are MILES of park trails, lots of fun things to do, and a rugged feel that makes you pack up the heavy duty jogger stroller (thank you Aunt Judy!) instead of the more urban zoo stroller (thank you Aunt Jenny!)
Today while I sewed this morning on a quilt for Nora (that's another post to come), Brian took her to the park, and snagged ALL these gorgeous pictures of our girl.

He was so proud of his pictures taken with our rather hated Nikon Coolpix camera (its slowness to snap pictures is a major disappointment to us, considering the speed with which our kid moves)...

So their adventure started with Lucy and Nora holding court at the Dog Park section of Minto Brown, where Nora and Brian and Lucy hung out for some time, and other dog enthusiasts brought their dogs by.

Brian said so many were so very impressed with Nora's lack of fear of dogs, and of course how dang cute she is. :)

One of the neat things of watching Nora grow and change so fast is the incredible interest she takes in the little toys and things attached to the various playground's like you can see the same wheels just starting to turn in her own head that you see as she turns them on the play stuff!

I think this picture pretty much deserves a moment of silence...

Anybody who's ever had a toddler knows the chances of getting one of them that isn't blurry, isn't the back or top of their head, and has them looking at the camera, with a pleasant expression, no less...equals a wonderful picture!!

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