Monday, June 22, 2009

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

This past Saturday our family went to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma!

We were with John & Jill and the boys, plus we met up with Brian's brother Peter, Sarah and their daughter Odette, PLUS a friend of my from my online group's whole family came to do the zoo with us too!

We got a picture here of the six kids, from Erik (holding Nora), The littler ones in the middle are Curtis, Jenea & little Amelia (in the stroller) and up top is Odette!

Christa and I got our little ones together for the first time in about 14 months -- Amelia was born the week I was visiting Jill last spring, so I got to go to the hospital and meet her when she was just days old.

It's so amazing to see a little one walking around when the last you saw them they were in the NICU!

Odette & her folks joined us too. She even got a camel ride in!

John Michael came with us too (he wasn't in the kid's picture because he's a very legal adult age of 18), and he was the Carrier of the Kettle Corn. YUM...

Curtis the Cutie was so sweet. The first time Nora fell in front of the zoo into a puddle, he was very concerned and even asked her a few times "Are you ok?" Christa says he's always on the playground watching other kids and if someone falls, he checks to see if they're ok so if they're not he can help get the on-duty recess adult! How sweet is that?

Brian snapped this picture of Nora in the super-cool Children's Play Area -- I couldn't get over how many neat features they had that were RIGHT up Nora's alley. She played on this "spider web" for quite some time...

But once she discovered the slide, you couldn't get her to quit!
This last picture is my favorite...Brian or Christa shot this one and they let me have it from Facebook. It's a FABULOUS picture.

We had so much fun, and did great walking through the zoo and keeping track of THAT many people/kids. At one point Odette was carrying Amelia, and Amelia's sister Jenea was a little concerned about who was carrying off her little sister! :)

The zoo is a VERY nice one. We were disappointed the beluga whales are gone. One died, and the other one went to a breeding program in San Antionio's Sea World? That's what they said anyway.

The aquarium was fabulous, with a big shark tank and lots of neat exhibits!

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