Thursday, June 25, 2009

And While We're On The Topic of Dead Celebrities...

Unfortunately, the death of Farrah Fawcett today got overshadowed by the death of someone much less angelic.

Michael Jackson keeled over in his L.A. home today, shocking the world with his death at the tender age of 50.

I would like to say I feel sorry for the guy and I guess on some level I do.

But the immediate response of suspending ALL newscasts and regular programming for this event isn't just inappropriate, it's disgusting.

He wasn't just a drug-addled Elvis. He wasn't shot in the streets by a lunatic while espousing peace like John Lennon.

He didn't change the world with his music, he entertained it and made and WASTED millions.

And let's NOT forget the two charges of child molestation allegations -- one in 1994 which were dropped after a payoff, and a second just a few years ago that acquitted him.

But let's not forget that acquittal hardly means innocence. OJ.

No, Michael Jackson has the record most albums sold of his Thriller album, that is fabulous, even when I listen to it now and then considering the time it was done in, and the launch of a brand-new MTV generation coupled with his great dance moves.

He called himself the King of Pop, and at some point it stuck. But it's not the same as being The King as Elvis was, and even ELVIS knew enough to keep his hands off a kid.

I pity Michael. I know his childhood was as horrendous as it was glamorous. I know as we all watched in horror his increasing weirdness these last 20 years that much was going on behind his increasingly small nose than anything we could possibly know about.

But most of all I pity his children. The family who perhaps had a chance to know him better and understand him. And for his victims, if they were in fact that.

I just tell anyone who feels conflicted about mourning MJ -- Don't feel bad, that's just your moral compass trying to work.

The fact is, the rules should apply to everyone, and as we well know, most people get away with all sorts of crap when they're celebrities. And down deep we know that's it's wrong.

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