Monday, June 15, 2009


It was hard to chose a picture to embody today's I made a quick collage.

Click on the picture itself and you'll get a bigger view of what I sewed today.

Brian, darling husband and father that he is, doesn't let me go out the door easily by myself.

So yesterday, he thought it would be GREAT if he and Nora hung out in the fabric store while I picked out a quick few buttons to replace some that were lost from a pair of capris I own and wanted to fix.

It turns out it's harder to find an easy beige button set that would go with my pants, so I spent some time at Hancock Fabrics checking out their selection.

At some point, as Brian and Nora perused the store, I heard "MINE!" come out of my daughter from across the store. (Thanks Mom, for teaching her THAT word!).

It was the FIRST time I heard her say it and mean it with that adamant tone that can only come from someone who's 2 or approaching 2...

Brian said "Let's ask Mommy, and over comes my 6'3 husband and 2'11" daughter, carrying some fabric from Sesame Street on it.

I said "sure, we can get something..." thinking that it would be a nice easy buy of a yard or two of fleece.

But a few minutes later, Nora had apparently decided that ALL fabric that had Elmo/Sesame Street on it was "MINE!" and then some choices needed to be made.

Ultimately, we decided on a couple of Elmo-related fabrics, and a trim color that would match.

And this morning as Brian and Nora played at Minto Brown Park (see below)...I quickly quilted and edged it, and it was ready for her to enjoy when she got home.

She is so thrilled with her quilt. It's a source of joy to play "Where's Nora?" and she loves it when I ask her what Cookie says, and she growls like Cookie Monster!

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