Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cute Pictures of The Day

We had a wonderful weekend -- Brian had to work up in Tacoma so we packed up Nora and headed up to my sister's on Thursday and spent some time with them!

We went to the zoo at Point Defiance in Tacoma, where we met up with some friends and more family (more on that later), and went to a baseball game in Seattle with Jill and John Saturday night. It was WONDERFUL to go out in Seattle to a Mariner's game.

While we were at the game, cousin Erik watched Nora and put her down for the night. Most of the weekend both her cousins played a lot with her, but he had her all on his own and even learned to change a diaper, which for pretty much any 13-year-old (ok, ANY of us! LOL) is not that much fun...

Anyway, this morning, he got up as we were packing the car, and watched Nora play out in the yard as Brian and I reattached the carseat.

He asked for a hug, and it didn't take long for Nora to run to her cousin and give him one last hug until next time!

Thank you Erik! Nora loves you guys, but I know she had a really special time with you with all the time you spent with her!

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