Sunday, June 21, 2009

Game Day

I had a lot of fun at my sister's this weekend!

We got to their house around dinnertime Thursday, which gave Nora some time with her cousins before she went to sleep. Then Friday we went to their church and she spent a few hours with cousin Erik who works in the church nursery now and then for things like "Mom's Day Out" where you can drop off your kid and go shopping or whatever...and Jill and I went to Costco for some church stuff and then we took all the kids out to lunch.

Saturday morning we went to the zoo (more on that above), and that evening we went to a Mariner's game in Seattle where we beat the Diamondbacks 7-4!

It was a thrill to go back to my home city (Seattle will always be home to me I think!) and see a game and enjoy a beer and a hotdog and a little time with family.

Thanks to John and Jill for getting us tickets and everything. We had a blast! Like Brian said "it made it feel like we were on vacation" and if you can get that feeling out of a short 2-day weekend, that's a good thing!

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