Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cute Pictures of The Day

This is just a nice picture of Nora - on her Daddy's shoulders. I cut Brian out only because his eyes were half open mid-blink, and he looked silly.

But her grin is infectious. It's her "Daddy's home!" smile that she wears ear to ear until she goes to bed at night.

Amidst all the dying celebrities today (see below...) I cleaned the house like crazy today. Then I mowed the lawn.

Some of it I accomplished during Nora's nap, some I did while she was awake, and some got done after Brian was home.

But the cutest moment was after showing her how I cleaned the toilets (hey, she has to learn sometime!!), I was wiping stuff down and she grabbed a clean rag from me, said "Mine!" and started wiping off the toilet.

Hey, I'd be crazy to stop her!

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