Monday, December 08, 2008

There Aren't Any Words For This Kind of Love...

Brian's crazy busy schedule has let up enough to let him be home a few times a week at night BEFORE Nora goes down for the night.

They read. They play. When I came home from turning my final exam in, I saw Nora airborne in the living room and her grinning at the open door as she saw me coming in mid-air.

These past few weeks especially, Nora has become not just a Big Fat Fan of Daddy, but I would venture to say, "Daddy Obsessed".

I didn't realize how many frickin PICTURES there are of Daddy around the house until Nora (who's recent skill set includes pointing and lunging) throws herself towards one wall or the other, and says "DADADAD!"

And then tonight when Brian walked in the door, Nora heard the door open, and she came toddling through the kitchen, and wiped out on the newly mopped kitchen floor.

I picked her up, and she was OFF.

Nevermind the wet floor and the fact that I just wiped out, DADADADAD is HOME!

When she saw him, she put her hands up to her face, like she was having a shy moment (not possible, but it was LIKE that) and she just kept repeating "DADADADADADADADADA" and then threw herself at him.

I'm telling ya.

There aren't any words for the kind of love that exists between this father and daughter, and I suspect Daddies and little girls everywhere.

I just LOVE being able to see it with my own eyes.

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