Monday, December 22, 2008


We are near Seattle with family, and we've had off and on snow since we got here.

This morning, Brian took Nora out to inspect the satellite dish, then went out and cleaned it off so we could watch TV again, and it was funny how ice from the roof had melted onto and re-frozen to the dish.

We have more than 18 inches I'd guess, and we've got family coming up today, and more coming the rest of the week.

This morning Brian
I went outside with the camera and took a few pictures...mostly the stuff not far from the driveway.

The snow is a good 18 inches deep today, and not going anywhere. We're expecting more before and during Christmas too.
What can I say. I have a soft spot for Internationals.

I love this truck.
I searched for a mailbox to shoot.. There were a lot of them who still had newpapers left in them.

I love this Charlie Brown Tree.

It's new, one of many trees that have been planted here over the past 30+ years since Oma and Opa have moved here...
This used to be a bucket of water. Brian said if he had the time, he and Trevor would make buckets of ice just like this one, so they could build something with their ice cubes.

They're geeks.
This is usually a really pretty swimming pool, but it's frozen over, so I asked Oma when we can push the snow aside and get some ice skates on.

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