Friday, December 05, 2008

A Note To My Chemistry Prof:

This week I have spent about nine hours working on my take-home final exam for my Chemistry class.

I am not a C student.

I am not a B student.

I am 2nd in my class behind some chick named Jacqueline, and we're both getting A's.

So today I went to the library with my computer, so I could look stuff up on the web and e-mail my professor with questions, of which I had several.

At the end of one of my questions I couldn't resist the following comment:

I have to say that nasty polypeptide question still looks like Greek to me after several staredowns. You have a knack for writing horrendous tests. And now that I'm nearly done I won't suggest you to change a thing, just don't expect to see me again in one of your classes. :)

I have a four-year degree from the University of Washington (so I feel I can judge, HA) and have taken a fair amount of math/science over the years, and you win the award for worst/best take-home test ever after this one.

You've unseated my calculus professor's take-home final from 1995..Congratulations!


Professor's response:

Wow...that's quite a compliment. Although, I have to give the award to my Physical Chemistry professor at Willamette University. After every one of his take-home exams I needed extensive therapy.

And just so you know, I resisted the urge to say what went through my mind that moment, which was "You may have needed it but you didn't GET the help you needed, now did you?"

I'm saving that til after my grade is in and he can't change it.

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