Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sorry, Nora. You're Stuck With These Girls...

These are Nora's "double cousins"...Miriam (on the left) and Hannah (right).

Brian's sister Judy is married to my brother Jeff. They have these two beautiful girls.

Jeff & Judy are the two oldest kids from the M & P families.

Brian and I are the two middle kids from the same M & P families.

Yes, it's legal in all 50 states.
Because they come from the same grandparents set, this IS the closest Nora will ever come to having sisters.

When these pictures were taken, we were joking around about how Miriam, who's 13, is on the verge of out-growing her 17-year-old sister. Hannah still has her by a nose.

So Miriam's got time on her side. Hannah's no shrimp either. She's gotta be 5'8 or more. But in our family of tall Swedes, 5'8 isn't the tallest (but thankfully, as long as we have Bestema, it's not the shortest either!)

Goofball #1 and Goofball #2.

But aren't they pretty?

And I assure you, they're as smart as they are gorgeous.

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