Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You My Friends...

In the midst of all my decluttering and work to prepare for school, Nora and I have had a lot of fun this week.

We played and played, and lately her latest "thing" is to consider this blanket, made by my friend Kelly and a host of other women from an online support group the has drifted into many in-real-life friendships.

These women I met on many years ago, immediately following my first miscarriage. Some came before me, others followed. Through thick and thin, and more losses and lots of babies, we've come to form a number of groups of varying topics, but they all are considered sisters in the one thing we all have in common: All of us have lost a child or children, almost all due to miscarriage.

When I was in the hospital with Nora last year, Melinda (one of the gals from the board) who lives outside Portland, came to visit me, and brought me this special special quilt.

You see, I've made quilts for a lot of people, but no one has ever made one for me. I've made a few for gals on the board, and many more for family members. And when the gals made me this quilt, it wasn't just ANY fabric they used. They used fabric from clothes and receiving blankets from THEIR children.

You can't really get any more special and meaningful than that.

So as Nora picked this week to enjoy this quilt the most, and as the year winds down, and we all reflect on friendships past and present and future...I want to thank the ladies who contributed in materials, time and heartfelt goodwishes for this quilt and for our precious angel girl.

Thank you all.

Here's a video of Nora playing with me with the quilt. I figure out pretty quick into it to turn it more towards her, so bear with me the first 20 seconds, the rest is a treat:

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