Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Growing Girl

Today was a day when I decided to go through closets everywhere and get rid of stuff we didn't need, and I also ran across the very special box of Nora's preemie clothes.

It was cute watching Nora thumb over the "puppy" toes on this preemie outfit she wore in the hospital just 15 months ago.

If you look at this picture of our friend Jim holding Nora (then at about a month old and just over 5 lbs.) Nora SWAM in this little puppy dog themed outfit.

So getting her to hold it up to herself is impossible.

Heck, getting a picture of her holding still is almost impossible. If you had ANY idea how MANY pictures I've taken of her (about 8,000) and how many have turned out in the past month alone (a fraction).

So today I put the preemie sleeper on her back as she bent over to pick up a Cheerio off the floor for a morning snack.

Yeah, I let her eat off the floor.

Try stopping her.

But I digress...

Yeah, our girl has grown like a weed.

She's as tall as an average 2-year-old (based on the 2-year-old's we've been running into lately) and weighs 23 pounds.

I still can't believe it.

Today I boxed up a bunch of stuff, one of Nora's toys and books and a few things for my friend Cheryl who has twins, and I started another box for my friend Delois's sister Brandi, who's had unexplained losses like me, and recently had a miracle girl of her own.

Fortunately nobody needs the preemie stuff this time around!

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