Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Discovery #2 The Use of Pillows & Blankets

Nora's never really used a blanket for it's original intention.

Since she was born, they've been used on floors to keep her from the dangers of our berber carpet, but she's never really used one in her crib since it's considered dangerous for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

So one day, I had this recently purchased blanket I got at Goodwill out of the wash, and I thought I'd throw it over a chair and see what Nora thought of a "tent".

Well she LOVED IT.
She spent SO much time running in it, out of it, and knocking it down, that Mommy soon tired of trying to reassemble the easily collapsed blanket/pillow tent, and decided to put the pillows on the ground and throw Nora on top of it.

Now THAT was hilarious.

We now have a pillow bed on the floor in the family room, which Nora routinely throws herself onto in a fit of giggles. She laughs even harder when I throw myself onto the pillow pile because for some reason, Mommy falling all over the place is twice as funny as her doing it.

What a kid.

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