Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Phone Pix

We went to the post office to mail something for Brian the other day. Nora likes to hang out in the hallway where people are BOUND to see/talk to her, and she can run rampant without Mommy worrying about her finding anything grosser than whatever's stuck to the floor...

Nora makes the gruesome discovery that socks do NOT roll down the viaduct quite like a ball does...

We went to the store, where I shopped for cereal. When I found a spot that was open, I crawled in it.

Bestema took Mommy and me to the mall to meet Santa. We hung out and listened to music.

I sure love my Bestema. She's like my Mommy, only even more patient and says even nicer things about me.

This is me and Santa Claus. He was pretty cool. It wasn't busy since other kids apparently don't come late in the afternoon, so we hung out. His beard is real. I tried it out.

Mommy bought me this pair of badass Converse All Stars at Goodwill.

It's how I roll.

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