Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a Month!

It's been such a fun month. Nora's learned that Daddy can make her fly. He puts her on the bed and bounces it enough that she goes a little airborne.

She just LOVES that!

She loves the book Aunt Mindi gave her that has lights and a spot for her picture in it. We call it the "Stinker Winker" book because there's a line in it about her being a "Stinker Winker Bear". Nora loves this book so much, because she's figured out how to make the music and lights go on and off by opening and closing the book. She actually cries when we put it down, and we're already on our second set of batteries!
I write my blog a little more carefully these days.

As I choose my words, there is now a constant looking over my shoulder. Nora has gone from a baby who could only flip over to one side, to a fully mobile baby in just a week.

Her most recent trick was to roll over to the TV, kick the VCR, and fire up the DVD player with her feet!

She's just plain sunshiney in the mornings. She loves the time in her high chair, waiting for breakfast while I talk to her. She's starting to talk more and more, and even though it's still just babbling, she's figured out how to make certain noises that get certain responses.

She loves to eat. And she wants to help! The other day she reached out for the spoon, loaded with oatmeal, and at the same time leaned in to get to it.

Before you knew it, she was wearing some of it above her eyebrows and up her nose.

She regularly eats peas, carrots, green beans, rice and oatmeal cereals, sweet potatoes, and bananas, applesauce and pears.

Just yesterday she tried apple juice for the first time, and when we went shopping for new foods, we picked out really wierd ones. Like Apple Blueberry, Mango, and Apple Prune (ugh, but boy, if we need to clean out the pipes, we got it!).
Bathtime has become more fun too. Yesterday we took our first bath in several days, and Nora loved the new Rubber Ducky that I gave her. It was her first time splashing in the water, and she's having an easier time sitting up in the bath.

She loved the ducky so much I gave it to her while I was toweling her off, she didn't cry like she normally does when I take her out of the tub.

After her bath, she rolled around on the floor a lot. My friend Delois sent us a bunch of 18-month old clothes, including this sleeper which she's tall enough to wear).

Nora rolled around with it so many times that she got it wrapped around her head like this.

Yeah. We don't get to leave her alone and find her where we left her anymore.

Guess what we're doing this weekend?

That's right.

Babyproofing the house.

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momaof4 said...

Jules, Found you from your e-mail. Your little girl is the cutest thing. I think she won the hearts of the MOPPETTS workers on Tuesday. I have heard a bit about her moving all around! ;) They loved it!!!

blogs are such a fun way to keep up!


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