Monday, April 28, 2008

A Day In The Life:

Stone Cold: Nora does a really good "stone cold stare."

It took me a while, but I realized this morning I wasn't getting any laughs at ALL to the usual entertaining noises I make at her like blowing raspberries, sticking my tongue out at her, and crossing my eyes and making a pig noises.

So I apparently need to work on my repertoire.

My audience is getting smarter.

Goin' Mobile!

I still need to get a good video of her scootching/commando crawling before it turns into an all-out crawl.

But today we made a new milestone. Well, she did.

Nora got stuck under the rocking chair twice, and here, you can see, she's made it under the futon in the family room.

She stayed under there for quite some time before the inevitable "bonk" and the cry.

I got to swoop in and make it "all better."

The Little Contortionist

And tonight I laid her down in a VERY different position than this one.

I wondered why she kept fussing, and so I went in to make sure her room wasn't too cold or something else wasn't wrong.

And here she is with her head crammed in a corner, contorted so that there's no possible way this can be comfortable. I'm on the fence about trying to fix it, because she'll either wake up, or she'll wake up.

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