Monday, April 14, 2008

Cute Pictures Of The Day

This morning, I was going to get Nora dressed, but she just LOVES having some time in just her diaper (or less, but that's dangerous to the furniture/carpet) so I put her down on a blanket in her room while I went through her drawers.

As I pulled out all the clothes, socks and hats she'd outgrown, I came across this one that my friend Delois gave me some time ago, which has been too big for her for so long.

I put it on her head, and when she looked up at me in it, I just laughed and ran for the camera.

Just when I think she can't get any cuter...


Teri said...

I can see she has her Mother's spunk. Notice the top picture....she's already giving the middle finger in protest of diapers and hats in the same picture :)

oma said...

I can hardly wait until she is 16 and sees these pictures.


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