Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Been A Rough Week Around Here...

First of all, my cousins came over. They like to play with me and hug me. And they still think I'm cute.

I am.

I had my nightly music lessons with daddy...He thinks he's going to teach me how to play the guitar.

I haven't told him that it's bigger than I am.

But I like to listen to him play.

This week, Mommy also killed another appliance. This time, it was the washing machine.

It quit right in the middle of a load.

When the new one showed up, Mommy tried all sorts of ways to take a picture of it, and thought that maybe if she put me on top of the machine that somehow it would be cuter.

Which I guess it is.

But really, I think this picture conveys the message better. Doesn't she look happy? SHE LOVES THIS THING!

I love my Bestema. She came over and babysat me while my Mommy went out for a while.

She fed me, played with me til we were both tired, and then we had to take a nap.

This week, Mommy did something TOTALLY new to me. She picked me up by my ankles.

It made me laugh so hard, she did it again and again.

I love hanging upside down!


Tammy said...

That one with Bestema... I couldn't stop staring. That is precious and perfect and oh man, makes me miss my kids' Bestema. Sigh...

What great pics! I hope Nora gets better soon!

Sheri said...

Wonderful pictures! I love it when you show us the world through Nora's thoughts. So cute!


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