Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Toy That Ate Me

OK, first of all, this toy my friend Cheryl gave Nora some time back has become indispensable. The part that is covering my child is actually a large mirror, and Nora spends all sorts of time entertaining herself to no end with it.

But today I put the pillow toy on her lap, and it quickly fell over on her, and of course me being me, I thought it was hilarious and worth taking a picture of.

Under NORMAL circumstances, this is what Nora looks like playing with this thing. She loves loves LOVES this toy. Cheryl (who is a teacher and Mom of a youngster) knows these things and brilliantly sent us this thing, which has two sides to it, is built to be tied to crib rails or stand on its own, and plays music while simultaneously giving a child the one thing she really needs: A reflection of herself.
Then today, Miss Nora pulled off what I have come to call her new "Stupid Human Trick.

This is by no means any indictment on what I think of her personally, so much as I believe all humans are on some level stupid...ergo the name.

She learned (drumroll please) how to roll over from front to back.

Her being who she is, with the gene pool she came from, Nora learned how to roll TO her stomach at the ripe old age of 2 or 3 months. Rolling TO your stomach is supposed to be the HARD PART.

But getting OFF of her tummy these past 4-5 months have been impossible, and I've learned to listen to her escalating sense of injustice and when to just turn her over.

Today, she did it, without a doubt, and figured out she could do it (that's the important part, vs. it being an accident).

So, my bright girl has learned a new trick today.

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Anonymous said...

I almost missed this post! I'm really glad she loves the toy but had no idea it would try to eat her. It is very fun to see her playing with the toy and rolling over.



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