Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Country Cousins

We went out on an adventure today to Jeff & Judy's place. They have a mini-farm not far outside Salem, and it was so neat to take Nora back there. We spent virtually 8 months with them -- before, during and after Nora's birth, and in the past few months they've come over a few times, but we haven't really been back to the farm since February. Jeff fired up the grill (dang, I swear I will never stop being a carnivore as long as Jeff has steaks and his bad-ass Texas style grill and the coals to use it) and made some SUPER steaks. Nora got some time with the Aunts, Uncles, Bestema and Cousins that she just LOVES...and got her first taste of country living by meeting her very first chicken! Judy, Brian's sister, and my sister in the sense that she's been in the family so long it's hard to bother calling her a "sister-in-law"...caught a chicken in one hand, while holding my daughter in the other, so that Nora could pet her very first bird. Let's just say that Judy is on an extremely SHORT LIST of people who can hold my baby while catching a chicken in the other, and I didn't even think about Nora's safety because I knew Judy would take care of our girl no matter what...and it was so neat to watch Nora do something new!. After lunch (that's Jeff under the blanket on the right as he and Nora played their version of peek-a-boo!

What a great weekend!

And boy howdy, our girl is learning new tricks. Today she was inch-worming her way around the room enough that Judy said we can expect her to be CRAWLING in a week! Of course that just makes me want to take a foot and EVER so GENTLY put it on her back to keep her down!

And Miss Nora learned how to play "Peek-A-Boo" as you can see in this video:

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