Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's the Weirdest Thing...

I looked at Craigslist and found a person looking for a part time babysitter, and sent her an e-mail a few days ago.

We went back and forth, and she said I sounded perfect (I practically am, HA), and she asked how much I wanted to be paid.

I said how much, which is somewhere between what my friends in the Midwest make (they're cheap labor), and what my friends on the East Coast pay (ridiculous).

It wasn't exhorbitant by any means, and I told her that was simply a starting point since I wasn't sure if that was good with her or not.

And then what do I hear back after she quickly responded to every other e-mail?


I sent her an e-mail today to make sure she got an e-mail from me.

Still nothing.

If what I asked was too much or not enough, or that she needs to think about it or talk to her husband, that would be fine.

A courtesy e-mail would be nice saying so, instead of leaving me wondering what on earth happened.

I went from Perfect to persona non grata in a matter of seconds, apparently.

What's wrong with people these days?

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Audrey said...

I just started watching an 8 week old, 9 hours a day. I am charging $30 a day. (Wisconsin) That is CHEAP compared to day cares, but I don't have to pay to have a license to watch one child, and deal with the state coming in to see if my house is "baby" worthy.


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