Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Complex Woman With Simple Needs

Let me tell you how I want to call up Erma Bombeck on days like today and say "I just bought every book you read, and if I had the time to read them, I would."

But not only is she dead, I don't have her phone number. So I'm stopped on two fronts.

Today was one of those days you realize you may have been a complex woman with a hotshot career at some point, but today it boiled down to the fact that the Guys From Lowes were delivering my damn dryer and I was OVERJOYED!

I went from the overly simple, non-working, electrical-sucking organism at the top of this post, to a Lowes truck arriving in front of my house (and me praying I wouldn't get caught taking this picture, because hey, how desperate is THAT?
To having this bad-ass, 4-button, multi-setting, fuel efficient Maytag dryer installed in my house.


I'm easy to please these days.

And then I think: Shouldn't everyone else be so lucky?

1 comment:

MeesheMama said...

I might have drooled on the guys installing my dishwasher.


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