Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O'The Mornin'! Look Who's Having Her Half Birthday!

Every month that passes by with Nora brings new meaning to "this is going way too fast!"

This morning she woke up in her usual good mood -- still trapped on her tummy because she's figured out how to get there but hasn't figured out how to get back to her back. But at least she doesn't complain about it all night long -- only when she's ready to get up.

This past month, Nora has learned to do so many new things. The sparkling personality has a little more expression to it. Just this weekend she learned how to arch her back in defiance, letting me know that whatever it was that was happening at the time was NOT acceptable, now under all-new, under no uncertain terms.

On the bright side, she's learned what a camera is for!

She smiles whenever she sees that silver box in front of Mommy's face. She stares with great interest at my cell phone, and knows it's a camera too.

And that sunny smile just keeps getting cuter, her voice is getting stronger and she says things with more variety. Oh, and her laugh! It comes easier, and there's a chuckle that she gives when she knows you're going to kiss her tummy.

Funny girl!

I love how it's so easy to see so many family members in her face. It's so neat to see the excitement in her eyes as she hears one of her parents voices and searches for it until she finds us.

Oh and how she eats! She's eats cereal at breakfast, and loves oatmeal. She's tried carrots, beans, peas, applesauce and bananas.

And she wants to MOVE! She loves to play in her exersaucer (known as "the office") where she gets very busy and plays for minutes on end (there's no such thing as "hours on end" quite yet! HA). Her favorite toys are the snail with things hanging off of it, the fish puppet Bestema got for her in Hawaii, a bunny rabbit she got from her Baptism, and the tweeting bird.

If it makes noise, she loves it!

Happy 6 months, Nora! We love you!

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