Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bush's Pasture Park

Today we went to Bush's Pasture Park -- a large city park at the center of Salem, where I used to play some as a child during the short time we lived here (I was in kindergarten at the time), and later during visits to Grandma's house down on High Street.

We parked near the Deepwoods House -- a mansion near the edge of the park, and walked the trails nearby. It took some doing to find a bridge across the creek, but we eventually found a footbridge that took us across the creek and into the main area of the park.

We even found a well-placed stump where we could get a family photo in!
Nora is absolutely fascinated by the outdoors. Despite this picture looking like she's not that thrilled -- in fact she just looked and looked and looked all around her.

She really hasn't been outside in a park setting before, and she just loves her backpack! Susan and Doug -- we can't thank you enough for it. It's such a great ride, she just LOVES it, and she's just as content as can be to look at the world from that vantage point.

The long winter is almost over...we can see flowers beginning to bloom, bushes are greening up, but the trees still have a ways to go.


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