Saturday, August 12, 2006

Running To Stand Still

That song title, "Running to Stand Still" by U2 (Joshua Tree album) kept playing in my head several times. It's amazing how a song that applies to your situation just starts playing in your head like it's on a continuous loop.

I was frustrated today. I got up early to start sewing and ran into some big snags.

I have a new machine, and I forgot exactly how to adjust the tension and get it just right before I topstitch a quilt -- last weekend I actually read the directions first, so I had better luck.

Well, today I topstitched almost a quarter of the quilt, then saw the mess underneath -- nothing but puckers, puckers and more puckers.

So, I tore it all out and started over. Three to four hours lost.

Then, I tried to fix it, but only managed to adjust the tension the wrong way. It was pulling too much on the bottom -- so again, puckers.

Now I was mad. Let's just say there were more puckers on me than the blanket by the time I got this far.

Finally, I broke out the even feed presser foot. You don't have to know what that is, only that it feeds the fabric layers through the machine with a special tool.


I've been sewing a lot late this afternoon, and finally have quilt #2 almost top-stitched.

OK, I'm not standing still anymore.

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tims mom said...

Are you stitching in the ditch or doing patterns? Have you tried stippling?
You just drop the feed dogs, and then do "stippling". The straight stitch looks likes squiggles, you direct the fabric, and make swirls, curls, squiggles, etc. It's pretty easy...sort of. LOL. My machine I use the darning foot, not sure if you have one similar on your new machine or not (mine has a spring on it).

Have fun!!



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