Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cathedral Madness

Any question I had about my sanity was answered today: I am officially nuts.

This small portion of a quilt in the picture is one I started today -- it is called the Cathedral Window pattern. I've had this quilt idea for a long time -- one that I wasn't sure how to do, because the book I have had very bad instructions, so I delayed starting it. It's largely handsewn, which means my new Singer won't get much of a workout on it.

Today I started this with just the idea that I'd try it out, once I found a decent website with instructions that I could make sense of.

Before long, I realized I have to make this quilt -- and this one is for ME. So, online I went and I found a good deal on the red background (Kona cotton, the best on the market) on Hancock, and I bought 27 more yards, since I have only 3.

Brian loves it because it's not geometric, but has a round and varied pattern to it. I plan to use all the different colors of fabric I already have for the "window" portion, so it's going to be wild.

I LOVE this pattern. It's going to take 30 yards of material (most queen size quilts take in the neighborhood of 10-15), but boy, isn't it worth it?


Jenny said...

Know what I like about you using bits of fabric you already have for the windows? They will remind you of all of the other special quilts that you have made for others (since you will have bits of the same fabric in your quilt).

Neat, very neat.

I can't wait to see the finished quilt... think you'll have it done by Labor Day? Just kidding of course!

Jayne said...

I'm not a quilt person at all - one of those who just don't get it, but I LOVE this! WOW!


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