Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Jeffers

Charming picture, huh?

It's my big brother's birthday today.

I remember being about 10 when Jeff was 15 when my best friend D said she wished she had a big brother, & I offered to give her mine.

I suppose it's no surprise since that's what 10-year-olds do.

But my goofball brother is now all grown up, a college professor and everything, and is still willing to be silly. In publick.

We give each other a hard time, and find birthday cards our families won't sign. Well, his won't because they're classy people. My husband will sign pretty much anything...

A few times my brother and I have ranked on each other so hard in front of strangers they've wondered if we like each other. And I can say he's a good friend of mine. One of my best friends, actually.

I love you big brother.

Happy birthday Jeffers.

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