Friday, September 17, 2010

Third Birthday Girl

This magical moment was captured when Miss Nora was about 3 months old, and had already developed a couple of chins, thanks to a very nice eight-times-a-day eating schedule...

But September 17, 2007 was her birthday...and today she is THREE years old.

Our girl who has gone from little fragile preemie to "off-the charts" tall is now three, and talking a blue streak like her mama does, and is as curious and artistic as her daddy.

Miss Nora, this past year has been an another amazing year, just watching you grow, talk and potty train and bask in doing "what mommy does"... or you put your hand to your chin and say "I'm THINKING MOMMY!"

I am proud to be your Mommy, and especially proud of how you care for others, even if they're strangers by adult standards.

Happy Third Birthday Miss N!

We Love You!!!

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