Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And Then It Hit Me...

A guy who was in my class in 6-8th grades and again in high school out of the blue asked me that question today on Facebook:

"Are you happy?"

It's funny how someone you don't know well now but knew you back when we had Mrs. Larson and Mr. Ball for teachers can ask a question so personal, and there you are thinking "Not many people ask THAT question."

It didn't take a second to think about it. My answer was : "Yes...very."

But as I added quickly: It's not like it's all been rainbows and butterflies for me.

Life has thrown it's share of punches at me. I don't think I've suffered MORE than most, but I certainly have taken my share of knocks.

And while some people might say I've suffered a lot (and sure, I have), I love the proverb about looking for someone who has never suffered, and you will look forever! Because no matter where we are in life, comparing pain isn't going to do you any good. We ALL suffer.

But that question got me realizing that despite all those hard things that happened, they no longer define me.

My future lies in the future, not in the past.

I have family and friends who are supportive and love me. I am capable of reinventing myself as many times as it takes.

And even my worst enemies can only say they can't stand me because I have confidence and ask people to get along, and boy howdy, I might actually come off as a bit cocky while doing it.

Too bad.

So yeah. I'm happy. And I don't even really have to think about it.

Thanks, Bruce.

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